Motor City Drum Ensemble Residency

Motor City Drum Ensemble Residency
Friday 13 October 21:30 - 04:00
  • Dego
  • Room 2: Patrice Scott

It gives us an immense amount of pleasure to announce, Danilo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble (MCDE) will be XOYO's fourth quarter resident of 2017, playing 10 consecutive Fridays from October 13th to December 15th with guest DJs throughout...

Crossing the boundaries between soul, jazz, boogie, jungle, breakbeat, techno, hip hop and more since the early 90s; Dego’s versatility & influence as a producer, live performer & DJ cannot be underestimated. Comparable to MCDE in so many ways, these two playing on the same night in London is something to be particularly excited about.

Detroit house & techno veteran Patrice Scott heads up our newly renovated room 2 for the night, who over the past decade has become synonymous with quality production, skillfull DJ sets & intelligent A&R for his own label Sistrum.

With a reputation as one the underground's most eclectic selectors, MCDE seamlessly traverses through funk, soul, house, techno, jazz and all the in between whilst managing to keep people dancing relentlessly. The technical wizardry on his original productions and remarkable remixes, omit the deep house legacy of North America infused with his penchant for jagged machine funk. MCDE's talent shines through as he blends house, disco and techno with such soulful nuance that he's come to redefine house music as we know it.

Responsible for one of the most distinguished labels today, Motor City Drum Ensemble's 'MCDE Recordings' has delivered his own 'Raw Cuts' series — a string of releases which cemented Plessow in the highest ranks of house and techno — as well as output from co-founder Pablo Valentino, City People and Harvey Sutherland, his contribution to dance music cannot be overstated.

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