Doc Brown Plus Mikill Pane

Doc Brown Plus Mikill Pane
Tuesday 28 March 19:30 - 22:30

Rapper, comedian, actor, screenwriter, and children’s author Doc Brown may just be the most talented man currently operating in the UK scene, boasting an impressive CV spanning over 15 years. Cutting his teeth as a battle rapper in basements across London, Doc was noticed by Mark Ronson and invited to join his live set up whilst he toured his critically acclaimed album, Version.

After a lengthy musical hiatus where he did everything from touring his stand-up extensively with Ricky Gervais, acting for a variety of roles in TV and film and writing for CBBC, Doc has finally returned to music. He released a comedy rap album called Empty Threats, followed it up with two more singles this year and has promised there’s another album on the horizon.

Expect a highly energetic performance and a heady dose of Brown’s signature witty lyricism and self-deprecation that’s unlike any other rapper touring today.

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