Artwork Residency

Artwork Residency
Friday 23 March 21:30 - 04:00
  • Omar-S
  • Artwork

From January through March, Artwork plays each Friday for his '13 Works of Art' XOYO residency...

A certified Detroit legend if there ever has been one, Omar-S joins Artwork for the penultimate show of the residency and what’s set to be an unforgettable highlight. Omar-S is the master of soulful house – it’s that simple. His music is raw and unfiltered production uses old-school synths and drum machines to elicit a funky mechanical feel, Omar-S has managed to show us the future by reaching back to the past.

Tickets for this show go on sale on Monday 4th December.

***In the meantime Omar plays in London on Sunday 3rd December - tickets available here***

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